A year ago – the best afternoon in Banff

Sadly I left this blog unattended. But the day exactly a year ago is reason enough to give this blog a new life.

A year ago I had one of the best afternoons in my life. Well I had a lot of beautiful afternoons, but this one is worth remembering and it is one I always love to look back at. And facebook reminded me that it was a year ago. The sun was shining, it was a perfect day in the beginning of spring in Banff. It was too nice outside to stay indoors. But the reason it was so perfect and unique are the two lovely girls who spend it with me. They are one part of my Banff family.

Banff has amazing corners all around. You just step out of your door and find beauty in everything. There is no place, which is not beautiful or where you stand in awe and think to yourself that you never want to leave. It doesnˋt matter where you go to, if itˋs the Bow river, the town park, or some place you can stare at Mount Rundle or Cascade mountain and embrace their gorgeousness, or just hike to the top of Tunnel Mountain. The last one is amazing for sunrises btw.

That afternoon we decided to go to the Vermilion lakes though. We had to figure out the bike situation first, but that was settled in a couple of minutes and then we left. I was glad Hade and Seoyoung joined me, because I thought noone would be in the mood to explore after work. But the weather was too good to stay at home and donˋt enjoy it. Thatˋs what they thought too. The Vermilion Lakes are at the town edge, but you can easily access them by bike. You donˋt even need a bike, you can walk the way, but thatˋs a whole different story. There are three places at the lake where we stopped at. And every stop was one-of-a-kind. We walked on the ice, Seoyoung found a carrot, we laughed. We walked on a tree trunk, watched tadpoles, we laughed – „Look into the camera.“ „Where is the camera?“ „It is there (she is pointing somewhere) …Oh…“. We sat on the pier at the lakeside, the water still frozen, we watched the sunset, we enjoyed the silence around us. Mount Rundle was shining for us and never looked prettier. It was one of the moments I want to relive. With my friends. And even on the way back we were lucky and spotted some deers and elks. Only in Canada.


Das kleine Urlaubsparadies – Sitges!

Bei unserer Urlaubsplanung stand Sitges schon ganz weit oben, obwohl wir nichts über den Ort wussten. Laut Google war es ein kleiner, netter Touristenort direkt am Meer und das allein hat uns überzeugt nach geeigneten Apartments zu suchen. Aber da war der Haken. Touristenort heißt nämlich, dass es gerade in der Sommersaison schwierig ist ein nettes, bezahlbares Plätzchen zu finden. Genau daran ist Sitges bei uns gescheitert und wir haben uns für eine Alternative (Calafell) entschieden. Das kleine Urlaubsparadies – Sitges! weiterlesen

Cant go without daytrips – Cuxhaven

Ich liebe ja Kurztrips. Ein Tagesausflug oder ein Wochenendtrip, das spielt dabei überhaupt gar keine Rolle. Hauptsache einmal raus aus dem Alltag und rein in die Entspannung. Vielleicht gehört ihr ja auch zu den Menschen, die nur abschalten können, wenn sie mal kurz aus ihrer gewohnten Umgebung rauskommen und die ganzen neuen Eindrücke auf sich einwirken lassen. Mir geht es jedenfalls so! Cant go without daytrips – Cuxhaven weiterlesen